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Archery Tag
comes to
Bubbling With Energy

After lots of saving we bought an archery business!

Archery Tag Logo

Archery Tag has arrived at Bubbling with Energy! We saw this concept a couple of years ago on a facebook post and thought "Should we?". Well it has taken a while but now we have taken the plunge - ready for groups to hire out for parties, stag dos and team-building events.

Archery Tag!  Archery tag® is the ORIGINAL equipment brand for extreme archery that provides a fun and unique way for people of all ages to come together to enjoy archery. There are about half a dozen franchises here in NZ offering quality experiences to everyone.

We, at Bubbling with Energy, decided not to buy cheap equipment, where arrows can be easily splintered and the bows don't last but to buy from a trusted and reputable source. Last year, we met Lyle who owned one of the Canterbury franchises - he was keen to sell after a change in job left him unable to fulfil his ambitions with the archery set. On Monday 15th July, we took ownership of the business and we are now wondering where in the warehouse it will all go.

The first business of the day will be to test out the archery tag set with friends and staff. Then we have train all our staff and then we'll be ready to go!

Postal Address

RD 5


0800 586 7464