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Popcorn! "Do you do Popcorn?", they asked. "Yes, yes, we do" came the reply.

We often get calls for popcorn. Howeber what we have and what people are asking for are often two different things. But then, what they need is sometimes what we have and not what they think they want.

Confused? Let me explain... 

Popcorn warmer ready to go at Horncastle arena

We have a popcorn warmer (as shown in the photo above). It is designed to look old fashioned and typical of the old style cinema machines from long back (nowadays they have the more functional, but less interesting machines to produce pop corn). The key word in the last sentence is warmer.

We hire the warmer and sell, in lots of 100, the pre-popped popcorn and bags to put them in.

Traditionally people want to hire a popcorn popper, where you put in the loose kernals, some oil and out they pop. They great thing about those machines is the smell of freshly popped popcorn . The worst thing about those machines is the smell of freshly burnt popcorn and oil.

With ours, we supply professionally made buttered (although it isn't actually butter) popcorn that you scoop into the warmer; there it is warmed through, creating the popcorn smell to entice customers, whilst taking away the stress of oil heating. It also allows greater throughput - scoop the popcorn in let it warm through and then keep it mixing round as bag after bag disappears to happy customers.

Are the other machines bad? No. I'd like one as well, but if you are looking for a cleaner way to produce a high volume throughput of popcorn then the warmer wins UNLESS, of course, you have a massive machine churning out popcorn and keeping it warm; but that's for another day!

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