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Happy Birthday! Tom turned 18, this last week. Tom started working for Bubbling with Energy when in early 2011 when he was just 10. He used to clean the tarps on the driveway and help carry weightbags. Over the years, of course, he grew and was soon able push around the inflatable rolls himself. 

Tom, a BWE employee

When we bought Bubbling with Energy back in 2011, we had maybe 20 or fewer inflatables. Over the years we have added the Mechanical bull, Carnival Castle, Battle Axe, Goal Attack, the Dunk Tank, Bouncy Boxing, Clown Slide, Climbing Wall, Bumper balls, Orb balls (like large Zorb balls), Archery Tag, Radical Run and two new Candy gloss machines. During that time Tom has become an expert at putting up castles, starting with the midis (like Superman and Madagascar) and then progressing to the larger and more complex units like Bungee Fun Run and Gladiator. He is now much stronger than I am, so I am happy to leave him to do the heavy lifting whilst I get the 'bits'. Tom is also adept at hanling customers, making sure children are happy and that queues are fair (as much as we can ensure that - it is a problem sometimes!). He does it all without complaining.

Now he has his full license he has learned to drive the company vans (still needs to learn how to use the manuals) and is learning the fine arts of backing a trailer. If you book a bouncy castle through Bubbling with Energy there is a good chance Tom will be one of the guys arriving for set up. 

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