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Rain! "What happens if it rains?", "Can we still have it if it rains?", "Don't worry about the rain, we breed them hardy here!"
The abpve a couple od examples of queries or replies we get back from people when we need to talk about wet weather options. Below I have tried to answer a few of te usual scenarios.

Rain on a window
  • THE KIDS WILL ENJOY IT ANYWAY? - I know people reckon bouncy castles will be"fun the rain" and "don't worry my kids love the rain", but when you have a birthday party and it's raining you have to remember two things: Firstly it is often cold when it rains. Kids might not mid the rain, but when your clothes are damp/wet and there is a cold wind blowing through, then actually why would you want to spend more thana couple of minutes on a bouncy castle? Secondly, at a party not all the kids might be as hardy as yours -plenty of people do not like playing outside in the cold and wet.
  • IF IT RAINS AFTER PUTTING UP? Ah well, you can't win them all. Leave the castle up. It has an RCD protector on the cable to protect against shocks abd the continual airflow helps drive the water off the castle
  • WHY DO WE CARE - IT'S ALL MONEY ISN'T IT?- At Bubbling with Energy, we look after our castles. They should never be dirty or smelly from mould etc. So, if a bouncy castle gets wet, it needs drying out. You may have paid $160 for the castle. If I have to put it up for a few days to dry then that is arounf $50 per put up and down...not a great return. On bad days we have had 6 inflatables on the friveway drying. That's at least 4 hours of lugging pvc,  electricity for the blowers (say 6 hours x 1.5kW x 6 blowers). And then if it isn't sunny we may have to repleat that exercise several times durin the week, depending on how wet the units got. Yes we do it - it is part of the job being a bouncy castle operator, but we don't enjoy it and would rather refund your money than have to dry out the units
  • SO WHAT SHOULD WE DO? - Firstly have a plan B. Secondly, coordinate a time with us to make a call. If we haven't left to come to you, there is no charge. We refund in full.
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