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Upstream! We have a good friend who works with youth that just need something more - someone to listen, to sympathise, to advise and to be accepting (of them, if not their behaviour). A while ago, he asked me if I would consider joining Upstream. I had never heard of it, so he got his friend Mitch to send me a package in the post (how quaint is that?!). I read what he sent me and decided that this was something I wanted to be a part of. 

Upstream graphic
  • WHAT DOES UPSTREAM DO? - Upstream NZ empowers customers to impact their community by choosing quality approved businesses which give a percentage of your sale to Good Causes supporting children and young people. 
  • WHY SHOULD YOU CHOOSE UPSTREAM? It's a Win-Win! YOU CAN SUPPORT A GOOD CAUSE, WHILE BUYING THE THINGS YOU NEED. You find products and services you need sourced from trustworthy businesses they have partnered with and approved.  You get to choose a good cause which will benefit from your purchase at NO EXTRA COST to you! The young people in your community are impacted by your purchase through your chosen good cause. Their Businesses are thrilled to be able to support the young people in their community by giving a portion of your purchase. As long as you continue to use them, they continue to give to your Good Cause.  
  • WHAT VALUES DO UPSTREAM BUSINESSES STAND FOR?- Valuing People, Integrity, Cooperation, Quality, Sustainable Generosity, Respect for the Environment
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0800 586 7464