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Why? "Why did you take up bouncy castles?". Why do I stand in the rain refereeing bumperball games? Why do I arrive home at 2am from putting up a  a mechanical bull in Geraldine? Why get up at 5am to load up thre vans with about 1.5 tonnes of pvc? Why, indeed? 

Rain on a window

It all started just before the Earthquakes! I had been a teacher (in the UK first, then latterly in NZ) for about 20 years and was getting that itch to do something different. I gave up teaching and tried to set up a business. That didn't fly as I didn't have as much equity in the house as I htought. For about a year we trod water as a family. I did some relief teaching and we got by. The around the New Year 2011, Bubbling With Energy came up for sale.

We loooked at it - Adrenaline Rush Extreme, Bungee, Gladiator, Mechanical Surfboard, Bouncy castles, Tin Can Alley, Candy Floss and all! It took us a while to get intot he mindset, that this might actually work for us, but then we decided to take the plunge. That was January 2011.

The the Feb EQ happened. All bookings for March - cancelled...what had we done? Thankfully the business bounced back - pun intended! We grew, bought new equipment, bought another bouncy castle company - the mechanical bull, the climbing wall and more. We expanded from a small lock-up type warehouse into a large warehouse. 4am starts became the norm and our investment paid off.

Since then we have continued to expand our range of things to hire - bumper balls, archery, inflatable axe throwing etc and have moved out to Swannanoa, where we have a large barn to help with storage.

I suppose the above doesn't actuallt explain why, as much as the how. Maybe there is another story for another day

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