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Wind! When is it too windy for a bouncy castle? That is not a simple question to answer. It depends on the wind type the anchor points, the size and shape of the castle and importantly, who is supervising. 

Picture of man being blown away by high wind
  • WIND TYPE - At Bubbling with Energy we have a policy of not putting up in winds over 35kph. We have an expensive anenometer and are 'not afraid to use it'! HIgh winds make putting up a bouncy castle very difficult. It often means extra manpower and having to find 'sheltered spots'. The problem comes when the wind is high, say 30kph -  which feels like 35kph - but then there are occassional gusts that exceed the limit. What to do? We usually wait a while and monitor the wind. If there are a few instances of the wind going to say 38kph and then down and the wind direction isn't againsta a high sid eof the inflatable, then we will be fine. If the forecast is also for the winds to die down, then we should again, be fine. Sometimes thoughm the guts are strong, in a bad direction and or frequent. In those situations we like to explain tot the client what the issues are and come to a settlement (put up later / cancel / move the unit etc). Most people understand, but we have had to put our foot down against some very obstinate people. It is also very difficult if an organiser has inflatables from someone else who have put them up and gone. Why are we being difficult, they ask. It is never an easy situation and yes, I have lost several thousands of dollars of repeat business because of not operating in high wind.
  • ANCHORAGE - sometimes we have to use weights instead of pegs, or the ground is very sandy making pegs less effective. Again, this reduces the maximum wind we can operate in.
  • SIZE AND SHAPE- AS3533.4.1 has a formula for calculating the numer of anchor points per side of various cross-sections, based on wind speed and air density. We have those calculations in a spreadsheet and always make sure that we exceed the recommendations
  • SUPERVISION - For us, this is crucual. If we are with a unit, we can tell if the wind is picking up and whether the unit is starting to lift. Our first priority is to get the children off and then re-assess. It is why we are reluctant to leave units unattended at corporate events. If is nobody's business to stary and look after the castle, nobody will.

Conclusion -  Bubbling With Energy takes safety seriously. We anchor inflatables down appropriately. We check anchor points for wear, everytime. We don't operate in high winds, even if everyone else is, We can supply supervisors to make sure that your evet goes smoothly.

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