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Canterbury Arrow Tag is Canterbury's premier Archery Tag provider

1 hour

$ 240 +gst
  • Ideal for small groups. A short introduction and practice and then a series of team games
  • Birthday Parties

90 mins

$ 340 +gst
  • Ideal for medium size groups where teams need to be rotated to let everyone have a fair playing time
  • Parties, Stags/Hens
  • Over 12 people

2 hours

$ 440 +gst
  • For larger groups of teams where we rotate round players a lot. Great for runing a scoring system of competing teams
  • Sports Clubs, Schools

  • Over 20 people


  • Fo all day events where people come and go, we can offer a different type of event (no teams)

  • Public Events

  • Number unknown


Let us know what you are looking for and when and we'll get in touch with options. 

Canterbury Arrow Tag

We don't have a specific venue, but come to a venue of your choosing. We need plenty of open space or a gym hall

Yes and no. Not like paintball stings, but yes an arrow from close quarters can hurt. The arrows have thick foam tips and usually over a distance of a few metres the impact is more 'tennis ball' than 'cricket ball'. Participants where face masks and given instruction on how to hold and fire the bows correctly.

The bows take some strength to pull back, hold and fire properly so we usually say age 10 and up. That doesn't mean a switched on and strong nine years old couldn't use them or that any eleven year old could. It is just an indication. 

We set up ready for your alloted time. We then give a 'safety' and 'how-to' talk - not long. After that depending on the users prvious experience, we have some practice exercises. Then we get to the games; basically dodgeball but with arrows. There are variations on this so we start easy and get harder. These games last 5-7 minutes (can finish early is one team is out quickly) before we reset and go again. 

Postal Address

RD 5


0800 586 7464